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Class Schedule

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Class Descriptions

Preschool — Our preschool program is a 1 hour combination of pre-ballet, and tumbling incorporating fun sing-a-long songs with dance while focusing on gross motor development and group activities. Children learn concentration, focus, eye contact and respect for others. It is our belief that a child's first experience with dance should be a fun, positive and rewarding, fostering the basis for a lifetime love of dance.

Ballet — Both a discipline and an art form, Ballet stands in a class of its own. Ballet requires strength and patience because of its difficult technical elements. Taking years to develop, the body is set in various positions and poses which require flexibility in the back, legs, rib cage, and feet. Dedication to the study over an extended period of time will increase fluidity, grace, and technique. Ballet is a good foundation for all dance types. Students will learn proper technique, vocabulary, stage directions, barre work, center floor and progressions across the floor and correct terminology. Ballet teaches posture, grace, poise, and discipline. Correct body alignment will be stressed in this class.

TIP: When considering a class for your child, remember that Ballet is a sound base for any style of dance.

Pointe — Each student is carefully evaluated before starting study on pointe. Sufficient understanding of correct placement and alignment must be demonstrated before pointe instruction begins thus decreasing the possible risk of injury. Advanced pointe students will also learn and analyze classical pointe variations from famous ballet repertoire.

Tap — Tap lets you use your body as a rhythm instrument. With an emphasis on fancy footwork and sound, tap develops agility, musicality and stylized movement. These classes cover all the basic exercises, time steps and riffs that make tap so much fun. Dancers study basic to advanced tap technique, rhythm, coordination, and style.

Jazz — Students are taught the techniques of jazz, including isolation exercises, movement patterns, stretches, strengthening exercises, progressions and combinations. Students are exposed to many styles of jazz including theatrical, Broadway, hip hop, funk, and lyrical.

Tumbling — Our tumbling classes focus on developing all basics of tumbling yet keep a keen direction towards helping students learn round-off back handsprings, front handsprings and aerial work. Skills are developed with progressions, drills, and spotting along with an emphasis on increasing each student’s strength to make them more physically prepared for learning. In tumbling children work at their own rate of speed. We take our incredible expertise and apply it systematically to each individual's level and needs. It is a very fun class where personal accomplishment knows no limit.

Hip Hop — A new and modern form of dance, takes off of jazz, but is a part of the hip hop culture, coming from the street.



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